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Cheese Making Process

Cheese making process

At Fowlers Forest Dairies there are also the family cheesemaking secrets, handed down through generations, and the high calcium water pumped from a 1000 foot deep bore hole on the farm adds to the flavour and texture of the cheese.

The milk is first pasteurised at 72ºc to kill bacteria harmful to humans.

Culture is then added and allowed to ripen for 40 – 45 minutes.

Rennet, suitable for vegetarians, is added and left to set for 45 minutes.

The coagulum is then cut to allow the solids and the liquid to separate.

The curds and whey are then stirred and scalded before the whey is drained off. Salt is added at the milling operation to the curds before they are packed into moulds to make “green” cheese

Pressing the moulds extracts any remaining whey and the moulds are kept in press overnight before packing and clothing. Fowlers Farmhouse cheeses are stored and left to mature in our cellars.

After three months it is ready to be eaten as a mild cheese.

A further three months adds to the taste and a twelve month old cheese is extra mature. On rind traditional cheeses are matured in the humidity controlled cellars for a minimum of seven months.

The family secrets, the water and the understanding that comes from over a century and a half of experience, combine to make Fowlers Forest Dairies Farmhouse Cheese so different from other products.The milk is first pasteurised at 72ºc to kill bacteria harmful to humans.